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FBReader for Nokia Asha smartphones four years later

FBReader for Nokia Asha smartphones demonstrates the potential Java ME platform. Which provide much more opportunities to create functional applications for mobile devices with limited hardware capabilities.

Two popular IT product as a result of one idea

FBReader for Nokia Asha smartphones Logos

(Nokia Asha 50x, 230).

FBReader for Asha were created on the basis multi-platform open source  FBReader App (, distributed under the GPL license.

FBReader for Asha used the principle of co-development (in contrast to the classical porting). Licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source license.

FBReader for Nokia Asha 501 v1.2 and FBReader for S40FT v1.2 Java applications

FBReader for Nokia Asha 501 v1.2 and FBReader for S40FT v1.2 Java ME Apps



FBReader for Asha supports popular e-book formats like ePub, fb2, html, plain text. Provides access to popular networking libraries (in particular, and Allows to configure various options, such as a folder for storing books, text options, view the status bar, the various modes of scrolling pages.

The current version (v1.2) of the user interface of the FBReader for Asha is implemented in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

The FBReader for Asha S40FT became the participant of the Open Source Software World Challenge 2014 international competition for developers.

The FBReader for Asha is downloaded more than 150,000 times by users from 189 countries of the world.

FBReader for S40FT on YouTube


FBReader for S40FT on GitHub

The source code for the FBReader project on GitHub: